Our current jewelry work falls into several different collections, each with a different thematic focus, all a direct complement to our wearable art clothing.



The Caldera Collection reflects the endless transformation of the world we live in. This dramatic collection embodies the intense forces that shape and reshape land and sea, melding creation with destruction and creation again. These pieces explore volume, color, and texture.



Beauty and imperfection. This collection is a meditation on the hand. Each major link is formed around my fingers or fist, with surface textures and imperfections as numerous as those on my skin–the scars and nicks and textures of two of my most important and well-used tools. Sterling silver and 14k gold.



The Encoded Series explores hidden messages, both literally through words coded into the pieces, and
metaphorically through what our clothing and jewelry choices say about us.



The Knitwear Collection is lightweight and airy, but with a definite sense of substance. Inspired by the elements, natural forms, and the tension found at the edge. Hand-knitted stainless steel wire, hand-forged and -fabricated sterling silver, semiprecious stones and glass beads.